Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Bookstore of Prague

The Bookstore of Prague

Bret and Vicky were on a sight seeing vacation to Prague, but as they joined many other tourists the next stop was a bookstore that stood in the square. The host of the tour then led them through the hallways until they reached the main floor where he introduced the librarian to them. The librarian told them to look around and get a feel for the place, she felt that this was the only way they could truly appreciate being in such a historic place.

Bret and Vicky immediately went up to the second floor of the library via the staircase, but once they’d reached the second level a woman was seen seated in the corner apparently flicking through the pages of a book with great interest. Bret and Vicky laughed as they looked around, but this caused the pretty blonde lady to place her fingers to her mouth to warn them to be quiet. Vicky stopped herself from laughing at the way they’d been told off, but for some strange reason Bret couldn’t contain his amusement and continued laughing.

They sheepishly looked over at the lady they’d disturbed ready for whatever form of punishment she might want to dish out, but instead they just found the book she’d been reading placed on the floor by the row of books she’d been seated besides. Vicky looked around for her and felt that she couldn’t have got too far, but there wasn’t any sign of her on the second level. Bret wasn’t about to panic and asked if anyone on the level below had seen this woman, which he then provided a description for.

The librarian gasped as she heard their words and she rushed up the staircase in order to talk to them. Bret and Vicky recognised that they could be in for another warning about making too much noise, but instead the librarian had something else in mind. She produced a picture of a woman from her pocket and showed it to them, it was something they instantly recognised as being the same woman who’d told them off. The librarian looked panicked as she shared a story with them.

She told them that the woman’s name was Jana Corolova and she’d often been sighted on the second level of the library, but she’d also been dead since 1965. Bret laughed nervously as he waited for the punch line, but one wasn’t forthcoming. Vicky explained that they’d seemingly upset Jana while she’d been reading a book, which she pointed out to her. The librarian walked over to the book and then picked it up this was apparently the book she always seemed to read whenever she’d been sighted. Only now did Vicky ask about possible consequences?

The librarian stated that as long as they hadn’t disturbed her they wouldn’t be any problems, but if they’d caused her to tell them to be quiet and they failed to obey her wishes then their days could well be numbered. Bret looked at the book and thought that this had to be a joke? The librarian then produced a list of names that had also looked at this as being no more than a joke and none of them had lived for more than forty-eight hours afterwards. Vicky now wanted to find out how they could solve this apparent curse she’d placed on them, but the librarian wasn’t sure that there was anything that could be done they’d just have to face up to the consequences of their actions. They’d both learnt a harsh lesson and when someone wants you to be quiet there’s usually a good reason for it…