Monday, 13 February 2012

36th Academy Awards(1964) - Closely Fought Contest


36th Academy Awards

Closely Fought Contest

It was April thirteen, when the Academy Awards rolled into town,
Santa Monica had been waiting all year, and a new host had been found.
Jack Lemmon was in charge, for this year’s most important affair,
When the spotlight was turned on, many were happy just to be there.

The illustrious crowd took their seats, waiting for the envelope to open,
Hoping their chance had come, in this momentous moment.
Best picture was announced, and it went to the movie Tom Jones,
While Sidney Poitier, took the best actor award home.

Rachel Roberts, Shirley MacLaine, Natalie Wood and Leslie Caron,
Saw their fellow nominee, Patricia Neal showing the Oscar for best actress she’d won.
Best director, went to Tony Richardson for his work on Tom Jones,
Cleopatra captured as many awards, before the curtain closed and they went home.

Closely fought contest, between Tom Jones and Cleopatra,
Between them they attained half the awards, they were up for and after.
Closely fought contest, at this annual awards ceremony,
Melvyn Douglas and Margaret Rutherford! Won best supporting actor and actress respectively.
Closely fought contest, before the curtain came down,
Hollywood had woven its magic, in this western county LA town.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains

Woke up in Cheyenne, I couldn’t say what brought me here,
Something’s been playing on my mind, that wouldn’t disappear.
Got an invitation from Alyssa, it seemed the right thing to do,
She introduced me to some people, stood around the room.

She told me about buried treasure, but she knew where to find,
I’d looked into this before, although it never played on my mind.
Alyssa had studied the records, since back in high school,
Gave me the opportunity to participate, feeling it was my call.

We set off shortly afterwards, bound for the Rocky Mountains,
She told me we had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
   Told me x marked the spot, she had placed a flag on the ground,
We dug for a time, eventually amazed at what we found.

Rocky Mountains, had kept a watching brief over this state,
Buried treasure was no myth, amazed at the find we made.
Rocky Mountains, had kept these secrets since the start,
Many people had tried, but failed having never got this far.
Rocky Mountains, eventually had to give up this treasure to us,
Precious hoard of gems! Stopped us all from going bankrupt.