Friday, 28 September 2012

Over there - poetic look at 'Spring Heeled Jack'

Over there!

He was one of life’s unexplained mysteries,
Making his debut in the year of 1837,
Rumoured to be an Irish nobleman,
While choosing the Alsop family to feel his presence!

Able to jump buildings, in a single leap,
Guaranteeing a terrified old London town, a lack of sleep.
Illusions sometimes ring true, for who was this strange man?
Breathing blue flames from his mouth and disappearing like a magician.

The mask that he wore, they say contained the devil’s image,
He left behind a number of victims, before he was finished.
Another man named Jack, but perhaps more terrifying than his namesake,
Putting it all down to their overactive imaginations! Would be a big mistake.

Over there, on top of the town hall,
He’s gone and struck once again,
We’d better try to stick together,
Fighting as a group could be our best defence.
Over there, is the man!
With the horns and face that glows,
There were clues to his identity,
But who he was god only knows.
Over there, keep the women and children safe,
Go and grab the lanterns and guns, we’ll go and wipe,
That sick smile, off of his face!

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