Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Istanbul Kiss - Urban Legend

The Istanbul Kiss

Harry and Shaun were staying in a hotel in Istanbul enjoying a relaxing holiday from the United Kingdom. The weather had been friendly and they’d both had a brilliant time up to now. One evening while inside the hotel bar they were drinking pints of beer when a beautiful looking woman with long black hair and olive skin walked into view. She looked at them both before she made her way towards another part of the bar where she sat on her own.

Harry and Shaun realising that this could be an opportunity not to waste then egged each other on until it was decided that Harry would approach her. He walked over towards her and she smiled at him before gesturing for him to sit down, he then followed her suggestion and took a seat opposite her. For the next twenty minutes they exchanged small talk while an envious Shaun could only watch on feeling left out in the cold.

Soon enough Harry walked back over towards where Shaun was still drinking his pint of beer and told him that he was going to be leaving the bar with his new friend Behiye. Shaun begrudgingly wished him luck and then watched on as Harry walked off with the ravishing beauty they’d both set their sights on where they exchanged a kiss. Shaun looked completely lost as he rued an opportunity lost, but the barman whispered in his ear and felt that he’d won far more than he’d lost.

Shaun shook his head as if he wasn’t following what the barman was talking about this caused the barman to explain what he’d got in mind. He told him that Behiye was in fact a ghost of the past and the spirit of a woman who was about as real as thin air. Shaun couldn’t work out how that could be, after all she’d seemed very real to his friend. The barman thought that he needed to know that Behiye was often seen in the bar about this time of the evening looking for some male company, because she’d been meant to meet her boyfriend when she’d been alive.

Shaun still unconvinced by the explanation wanted to find out how this could be, but the barman was more than willing to fill in the details. He told him that Behiye was on her way to the hotel to meet her boyfriend ten years previously when she had been run down and killed by a man on a motorbike going far beyond the speed limit. Shaun gulped as he took this on board, but wanted to know where that left his friend Harry who’d walked off with her earlier on.

The barman shook his head and told him that this was now out of his hands, Behiye often pitted two friends against each other and the one that walked off from the bar with her was the one that didn’t live to see another day. Shaun rushed off after his friend to see where he was and then heard a bloodcurdling scream, slowing down he entered his friend’s hotel room where he found him dead. The spirit of Behiye then slowly floated away into the night, but she would soon be back once more to claim more victims…                   

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