Friday, 19 April 2013

The Krakow Jogger Urban Legend

The Krakow Jogger

Seth Saunders was sitting on a bench in Planty Park when a woman with long flowing blonde hair rushed past him, this made him sit up and take notice. Normally he was a shy type of individual who didn’t act on impulse, but there was something about this girl that made him think that he should do something about this. He could see that she was maintaining a fast pace, as she was rushing away from him so he started to run in order to catch up with her.

Seth was almost out of breath by the time he’d caught up with her and she turned around to see what he wanted from her. He explained that his name was Seth and he was here on a holiday, she told him her name was Kasia and she was a local of the area. Seth wasted little time in asking her if she’d like to meet him later on for a meal and she then accepted his invitation. They agreed to meet up after he kissed her on the cheek at a local restaurant.

Kasia rushed away once more seemingly getting back on with her jogging session while Seth looked very pleased with himself, as he quietly walked over to his hotel with something to look forward to later on. Kasia sprinted as Seth disappeared away from Planty Park and she seemed to be in a good mood.

Taking a seat in the restaurant Seth causally picked up a copy of the local newspaper as he waited for Kasia to arrive to join him. Inside the pages of the newspaper he found a picture of a girl that seemed to resemble her and it said that she’d died in a jogging accident after having had a heart attack. The waitress noticed him staring into space before introducing herself as Joasia, Seth showed her the picture inside the page.

Joasia could see that this story had hit him hard and thought that she’d explain the circumstances in which this came about. She told him Kasia had been jogging as usual when she’d planned to meet her boyfriend later on at this very restaurant in fact. Kasia collapsed and died before the ambulance could rescue her, but Seth told her that she’d agreed to meet him here tonight.

After some contemplation Joasia decided to tell him that she’d appeared to other people in Planty Park and he wasn’t the first this had happened to. Seth couldn’t believe what he was hearing and hoped that this wasn’t leading anywhere else. Joasia then said that all of the people she’d planned to meet had shared a kiss on the cheek with her in the park. Seth had also done this and wanted to know what his fate was as a result.

She told him that everyone else had been marked for an untimely ending and all those she’d kissed on the cheek had died within six months of meeting her. A small black circle on Seth’s cheek started to appear and Joasia showed him it by way of a mirror. Seth wanted to know how to get rid of it, but she couldn’t be any help to him and he’d have to live with the consequences of his actions. Seth had been marked for an untimely death as a result of pursuing someone when he would’ve usually left her alone…             

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