Friday, 26 October 2012

Adelaide Effect - Poetry about the 1989 Australian GP

Adelaide Effect

It was the second, grand prix I’d seen,
But this was, unbelievably wet,
It captured my attention, and enthusiasm,
All this was made possible, by the Adelaide effect.

Prost was true to his word, only doing the parade lap,
It left Senna in the lead, one he was reluctant to give back.
The Williams of Boutsen and Patrese, gave chase,
As the circuit now resembled, some kind of boating race.

Mansell hit the barriers, spun out of control,
While Nannini pressed the Williams, heading into the unknown.
Senna passed a backmarker, but left Brundle unsighted,
Turning the Mclaren into a tricycle, and leaving Boutsen delighted.

It was all down, to the Adelaide effect,
This race was a classic, and still ranks as one of the best.
It was all down, to the Adelaide, effect,
When it rained on this circuit, it really got seriously wet.
It was all down, to the Adelaide effect,
Not many cars and drivers, made it to the end of this test.
All down, to the Adelaide effect.

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