Friday, 5 October 2012

Curse of Tippecanoe - poetic writing about the President's Curse

Curse Of Tippecanoe

Curse of Tippecanoe, ran for a total of one hundred and twenty years,
It affected every President, elected when a zero came to appear.
Starting with William Henry Harrison, in the year of eighteen-forty,
Every twenty years, saw the elected face a similar kind of cruelty.

In eighteen sixty, Abraham Lincoln would find the curse carry on,
Out one evening, when he faced an aggrieved actor with a loaded gun.
James Garfield and William McKinley, would not be spared,
Each man shot after finding someone, objecting to them being there.

Warren .G. Harding and Franklin .D. Roosevelt, would also die in office,
They weren’t killed by someone’s hand, but died of natural causes.
John .F. Kennedy, would find, the curse waiting in a Dallas Street,
Ronald Reagan was shot, but he survived leaving the curse to defeat.

Curse of Tippecanoe, this battle took place back in eighteen-eleven,
William Harrison had attempted to bribe, the native - Americans.
Curse of Tippecanoe, Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, was left defeated by the charge,
But his brother Tenskwatawa, set the curse in motion causing real alarm.
Curse of Tippecanoe, each President elected in the same year would soon face,
Whether or not it was just coincidence, I suppose that’s for others to say.

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