Friday, 26 October 2012

Number One Thirty - James Dean & his car


A well-known actor, with a love of pure speed,
Had his-own wants, and also his-own needs.
Was a driver, of some very cool cars!
Always had to get, where he was going so fast.

Brand new toy, was silver emblazoned with one thirty,
It caused more than a touch, of admiration and jealousy.
But his clique of actors, had their own misgivings,
Couldn’t help but have, many uneasy feelings.

Took it out on the open road, leaving on route ninety-nine,
Other people’s premonitions were going, to be realised this time.
For the sun was playing tricks, the light closed in on the same day,
The little car ended up a wreck, and its driver passed away.

This was his new toy, had the number one thirty,
It was only designed, to go at real speed.
Everyone gathered around, his number one thirty,
They were chilled to the bone, by what they had seen.
He would get inside, and never leave number one thirty,
It ended in an accident, and it was a real life tragedy.

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