Wednesday, 17 October 2012

This is my poetic tribute to the 1976 Formula one battle - Niki Lauda v James Hunt

The race for victory

The series finished in Japan,
But there was more to the story than that,
You’ve won more races than anyone else,
Given your sport a following on and off the track.
A hero to millions of spectators,
They go and follow your every move,
You’ve lapped everyone up to third place,
Found that sweet spot they call the groove.

Hitting that old German track,
You had a good series lead,
Had the championship in the bag,
But that still remained to be seen.
Dry tyres on a wet surface,
Is never the best combination!
Crashing hard on a tricky corner,
That was when you encountered this unexpected situation.

You’re nearest rival won well,
Taking points away as you were on the road to recovery,
No ones to say he wouldn’t have done it anyway,
But we’ll have to put that down, as something that we’ll never see.
   Gave it all you had on your return,
Given a standing ovation,
You might’ve lost your crown,
But that’s the hazard of your occupation.

The race for victory, we thought you had it won,
From the outside looking in, it seemed to be a stroll in the sun.
The race for victory, took a turn for the worse I fear,
You said your life was more important, and you’ll have the title back next year.
All in the race for victory! 
 F1 1976 - Niki Lauda v James Hunt 

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