Friday, 5 October 2012

Chicago's Waiting - poetic writing about life in prohibition Chicago

Chicago’s Waiting

Chicago’s Waiting, have you got an answer for them yet,
Your liquor licence is overdue, or did you simply forget.
Remember that agreement you had, you said your word was your bond,
It’s time to call and collect on the debt, because you did something very wrong.

They’ll hand out their own brand of justice, the old fashion way,
We made a deal with you, and one way or another you're going to pay.
Some bloke known as Johnny, has been hanging around like he knows you,
Before you lock up for the evening, it could be time you faced all your truths.

There’s a knock at the door, they warned you they would be coming today,
Tapping their guns on the window frame, even the clock tells you it’s too late.
You have no other choice, unlock the chain and open the door,
You were gunned down in a hail bullets; Chicago was waiting was waiting for sure.

Chicago’s waiting, and you have a call from a Mr Capone,
Chicago’s waiting, just think before you hang up the phone.
Chicago’s waiting, and for you there’s really no escape,
Chicago’s waiting, this is one call you hoped you could forsake.
Chicago’s waiting!

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