Friday, 5 October 2012

Five Guys In Hamburg - Poetic writing about The Beatles in Germany

Five Guys In Hamburg

Five guys flew to Hamburg, to become part of the music scene,
Their forty-eight-night adventure, built them up for bigger things.
Of course the group saw some changes, like anything it needed a tweak,
It was always going to be an effort, and they were working every day of the week.

August of nineteen-sixty, was when it all suddenly started to roll,
By the time it all ended, they had very much reached their goal.
In those early days, it was hard to imagine just how big they would become,
Just playing at the clubs such as the Indra, playing music and having fun.

Five guys in Hamburg, they were recently crowned Beatles,
But by the time they were finished, they had flown like eagles.
The group were made up of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Sutcliffe and Best,
That wasn’t how they finished up, as history would attest.

Five guys in Hamburg, the accommodation wasn’t up to much,
Staying by a cinema toilet, instead of sleeping in a tour bus.
Five guys in Hamburg, recently given some new haircuts,
The sixties were calling them, and the world would soon create a fuss.
Five guys in Hamburg, it’s funny the way big things tend to start,
The German audience, back in the day took them to their hearts.

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