Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Great Fire of London - my poetic tribute to it from one of my poetry books

Fire it spread in the early hours

It all started in a small bakery, in Pudding Lane,
A raging inferno tore through the streets, all from this small flame.
  The residents of London, were worried of the year,
For it was 1666, the year was there to be feared.

History remembers it as the great fire, for it took at least six lives,
It burnt Central London to a cinder, St Paul’s Cathedral failed to stand up to the surprise.
Helped by an east wind, that blew it on its way,
It destroyed churches and houses, and the flames burnt for days and days.

The previous year, they had suffered from the bubonic plague,
Now they suffered from the great fire, because that was the survivor’s fate.
They rebuilt the city soon after, making sure it was better than before,
 The early September month hit them hard, and would leave them changed forever more.

Fire it spread in the early hours,
It helped pull down old London Town,
Fire it spread in the early hours,
September 1666! Has come to try and break you down.
Fire it spread in the early hours,
Pudding Lane we’ve heard is to blame,
Fire it spread in the early hours,
A major city under attack from flames!

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